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Branding Package 

What you get:

  • A brand moodboard containing all package elements
  • 5 custom branding colors
  • Typography: 2 fonts - one for titles, and one for text
  • 5 high-resolution images to use for your website
  • A banner to use for emails, website, etc. 
  • 250 custom business cards 
  • Custom imagery & textures
  • A high-resolution vector logo (CMYK & RGB)
  • Adobe asset files to use fonts, colors, and textures on your own

Cost: $597


What's the process like? Once purchasing on this page, you'll get a welcome email containing a questionnaire about your business, which you'll fill out and send back to me, (Cameron). Then, I'll go through your your answers, your work, your website, & your social media to gather info to make branding assessments. From there, I'll send you quite a few options to get a sense of your style. Once your style is understood, you'll get your branding package! (We can make a few adjustments, if you'd like)

How long will it be before I'll get the whole package? On average, it will take about 1 - 2 weeks

How will I get my package? We can use many different routes, depending on what you already have set up: Google Drive and free project management software like Asana are preferred routes, but simply attaching to an email also works. For the business cards, they can be mailed to any address or physical address of your choice. 

What if I need a media kit? Evergray offers media kits too! Send an email titled 'MEDIA KIT' to, and explain exactly what your needs are - you'll receive a response with your quote shortly after.

What if I don't need everything that comes with the package? Then Team Evergray will spend that time on making the other assets better, or making you different design assets based on your request. Another option is hiring Team Evergray on an hourly basis to just make the few things that you need. (Send an email titled 'BRANDING PACKAGE QUESTION' to with your request)

Just need a few branding materials instead of the whole package?

You can hire Team Evergray on an hourly basis to make the few things that you need. Send an email titled 'BRANDING PACKAGE QUESTION' to with your request and needs, and you'll receive a response with a quote