Content marketing is at the heart of most successful online businesses. Build rapport with your audience beyond blog posts and social media engagement with valuable, branded content that your followers will thank you for. Choose your custom content combination:

  • Lead magnets: Grow your email list with interactive downloads, AKA 'content upgrades' or 'freebies' to entice people to sign up for your email list. Usually, lead magnets are in the form of workbooks, spreadsheets, quizzes, and any sort of PDF download
  • Branded blog graphics: Use these to embed into your blog posts to promote your post across Pinterest & other social media platforms + build your visual branding on your blog's homepage
  • Social media graphics: Different platforms have different sizing and protocols - get native with graphics made specifically for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin
  • Branded videos: The quickest way for your audience to connect with you - get beautiful, high-resolution videos with text overlays without having to meet in person with Team Evergray or hire a videographer

What you get:

  • 20 hours of Team Evergray sweat
  • Your choice of content creation combination: lead magnets, blog graphics, social media graphics, or videos
  • Evergreen content that attracts and engages audience for years to come
  • Branded templates that you can use time and time again

Cost: $697


What's the process like? When you purchase the content creation package on this page, you'll get an automatic email from, to which you'll respond back with the type of content that you need and your website & social media links. Team Evergray assesses your brand, and gets to work on the content! We keep you involved in the process as well to ensure that you're happy with the finished products. Finishing out all of the requested content will take about 2 - 3 weeks. 

When will I get all of my finished content? The time frame is 2 - 3 weeks, and Team Evergray will send over each piece of content as it's created. 

How long does it usually take to complete each type of content? Since your branding is already in place, creating on-brand images won't take long. Social media graphics and blog graphics will take less than an hour each, and videos will take about 3 hours per video. Lead magnet creation time varies, with the average being 1 hour to 6 hours for each one. (Creating a workbook, for example, will take longer than making an interactive checklist.)

For the branded templates portion - am I going to be able to use these by myself? Yes! No graphic design experience will be necessary once you have these templates. You'd be able to upload updated information to your templates with free, easy-to-use sites like Canva. 

What's the video creation process like? Just record video with your smartphone (we strongly recommend using a 1080 HD camera to record, which most phones made after 2017 have), upload the video (outakes and all) to a shared photo account like Google Drive or an iCloud shared album, and then Team Evergray edits it and sends you a finished, high resolution version of it. If you prefer, we can upload it to your Youtube account with the appropriate tags, endscreens, etc. as well. 

Will I get any say in the finished product? Absolutely! We keep you involved in the process to ensure that you're happy with the finished products.

What if I need more content creation from Evergray once we're finished? Feel free to purchase another content creation package, or hire Team Evergray on an hourly basis. To find out availibility, send an email over to titled 'AVAILIBILITY QUESTION', and we'll get back to you very quickly. 

Not sure which type of content you need? Find out for free:

Send an email over to titled 'CONTENT CREATION PACKAGE QUESTION', and include a link to your website and social media profiles. I'll make an assessment, and respond back within 3 business days about which type of content would serve your brand best