Streamline your audiences' experience to lead to more sales

Marketing Funnel Setup

Types of questions that you'll be asked to customize your marketing funnel:

  • What product are you trying to ultimately sell? Digital product? Consulting services? A book? 
  • What's currently your most effective strategy to attract an audience?
  • What's the main type of value that you offer your audience?
  • What type of systems do you currently have in place that nurtures your audience?
  • Is your branding strong? Is it memorable and your mission clear?
  • What type of urgency/call to action do you have/want to have in place to create sales conversions?

What you get:

  • 1 hour strategy call with Cameron, Evergray's founder and strategist
  • Custom marketing funnel plan
  • Direct access to Cameron during setup
  • 8 weeks of hands-on help to setup entire funnel
  • Instruction on how to maintain & optimize your marketing funnel

What exactly does the setup involve?

There's many different marketing funnels we could setup - we're going to zone in and really focus on one. The moving parts of marketing funnels can be extremely varied (which is why so many businesses have such a hard time focusing and implementing one at a time!) Here's some examples of moving parts that any given marketing funnel might have:

  • Social media marketing: using platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube to attract an audience
  • Video workshops/webinars
  • Blog building: making it full of valuable articles and content upgrades
  • Advertising: Google Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram ads
  • Joint ventures/collaborations with other brands and influencers
  • Email marketing sequences
  • Content upgrades AKA 'freebies', including downloadable PDfs, workbooks, quizzes, or guides
  • Supporting software: landing page builders like 'Leadpages', email platforms like 'Convertkit', and Pinterest scheduling tools like 'Tailwind'

Cost: $1997

Book your call here:


How long does the process take? We're going to work more or less on an 8 week timeline, depending on which route we're going to take

What's the process like? After purchasing on this page, stay here and book your strategy call. You'll be getting an email immediately after that contains a questionnaire about your business & marketing funnel needs, which you'll fill out and send back to me. Once I (Cameron, Evergray's founder and strategist), have that info, I get to work on your marketing funnel plan. Then, we'll have our strategy call where we'll make any adjustments to the plan, and go over how to tackle it. Then Team Evergray gets to work! We keep you involved in the process throughout to ensure that you're happy with the outcomes. And throughout the process, I'll be available for any questions you might have

If I purchase this now, how will I know if Team Evergray will be available to setup my marketing funnel on the timeline that I need it on? By purchasing the Marketing Funnel Setup, you're guaranteeing that you'll get top scheduling priority. If, by any chance, we're not able to make scheduling work, you'll receive a full refund

How can I guarantee that this markteting funnel will work? Marketing funnels take time, legwork, and patience during testing periods. It's also a lot of front-loading - meaning most of the work needs to be done upfront before you make many (if any), sales through this funnel. As long as you stay committed to this process, and make adjustments when needed, this marketing funnel will result in automated sales after a time period of about 2 - 6 months

Not in the budget to do the entire marketing funnel setup? There's options:

If you're more in the boat of having the time but not the money to setup your marketing funnel, your best bet is utilizing Evergray's strategy call, which you can learn about via this link. During the strategy call, Cameron, Evergray's founder and strategist, will come up with a step-by-step marketing funnel action plan for you to follow and do all of the legwork for on your own time