Utilize Your Anxiety For the Powers of Good

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Does most of your imagination energy go to anxiety? Creative projects? Others' wants & needs? (There's 8 total by-products that it could be making!) Take the Imagination By-Products Quiz by getting it emailed to you HERE:

I'm Cameron Gray, and I founded this here media company

The whole idea behind Evergray is creativity cultivation while reducing anxiety. Whether you're: 

  • An artist looking to systemize your creative process
  • An entrepreneur looking to inject more creativity into your business
  • Or someone who's anxious to learn innovative new ways to diminish your anxiety while developing your creativity

How exactly can this pink-haired millennial help you with both your anxiety AND your creativity?

Since the inception of Evergray, I've researched and developed a new theory about how anxiety and creativity are both by-products of the imagination. Eventually, with that foundational knowledge, I've learned to systematically use anxiety as an energy resource by channeling it right into creativity. Then I made an eCourse about it. (Yay!)  

I created quite a few resources along the way, including infographics, charts, a Facebook group, quizzes, and checklists. All of these are designed to educate (they don't teach this stuff in school!), and help you recognize your own patterns of anxiety and creativity so that you can get to the end goal of having less anxiety and more creativity a lot faster.

"I just wanted to say thanks for your content. It's really on point and helpful!"

- Simone Clement

"Where were you when I was experiencing all this on my own?? WOW. And to talk about the anxiety thing you hit it right on the head."

- Rolland Bailey

What would you like help with?

YES! There’s a 3-part mini email course JUST for that - find out what this crazy concept is all about

Your imagination energy could be funneling into 8 different by-products! (Anxiety and creativity being only 2 of them)

Get the 25 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Harness Anxiety Checklist to take specific, actionable steps that you can apply right now

Learn more about each of these resources by clicking on the images below:

Android and iOS versions are almost here. Want a sneak preview? Request beta access below.

Do you want less anxiety and more creativity? There's an unconventional, innovative new way to not just manage your anxiety, but to harness it - the Channeling Anxiety for Creatives 3-Part Mini Email Course! Evergray Media
Ever wonder where all of that active imagination energy goes? It could go to creative projects, social activities - even anxiety. Take the Imagination By-Products Flowchart Quiz to find out! - Evergray Media
Want to channel your anxiety and creatively grow your business? Download the 25 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Harness Anxiety Checklist! The tasks listed are specific and creative, and are meant to trigger a creative mental process instead of just unproductive anxiety - Evergray Media