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Strategy Call

What you get:

  • A 30 minute one-on-one live session with Cameron, Evergray's founder and strategist
  • A visual, downloadable plan customized specifically to your business' needs

Cost: $97

Book your call here:


How exactly are we going to talk? We can do a regular phone call or a video chat: FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Skype are all options - it's your choice

What's the process like? First, after you purchase the call on this page, be sure to also schedule the call on the page too. You'll immediately get an email containing a questionnaire about your business that you fill out and send back to me, (Cameron). I'll then review your business, website, and social media platforms to make assessments that will help me find your best course of action. Then, we will have our 30 minute call, where I hear your story and ideas, and give you my strategic opinion. Once we decide on the best course of action together, I'll create your visual strategy plan so that you can easily see it all laid out & work through it at your own pace. 

What does the plan usually entail? Everything is a funnel - the plan is usually a marketing/sales funnel, which is more or less the journey that your customer takes.The top of the funnel (picture a tornado), is where most people are, and this is where they're just finding out who you and your brand are, and then you nurture them with great content, etc. all the down to the bottom, which is when they become a paying customer. The more smoothly you can make this funnel run, the more happy customers you're going to have. 

What if I need further help after the strategy call? Usually, you'll have enough steps to work on without my help - at least for a bit. But, if say - you get lost, or something changes, or you have more questions - feel free to come back to this page and book another strategy call, and treat Cameron, Evergray's founder, as a business coach/mentor.