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Website Week

This is the week where Team Evergray clears our schedule & obsesses over your website for one whole week from start to finish.


Website Week

This is the week where Team Evergray clears our schedule & obsesses over your website for one whole week from start to finish.

What's the Evergray vision for my website?

Though Evergray's head designer & founder, Cameron, has a bold and bespoke style, we tailor your website for your brand & your audience. The overall goal is to create an iconic website that your visitors identify with & enjoy - and one that showcases to your potential clients that you're someone that they want to work with.

During this intensive week, focuses will not only be on design & aesthetics though - this overhaul includes your messaging, target audiences, content strategy, building and auditing your current content, SEO optimization, social media integration, software plugins/integrations, optimizing for phone, easy to follow video tutorials for you to reference later, overall web strategy, and all the boring & complicated back-end setup needed.

Whether it's a full overhaul of your previous site or creating a brand new one, The Website Week will completely transform your entire web presence in less than 7 days.

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To find the availability of Team Evergray for your Website Week, please book a free call below. On the call, we'll also discuss your website goals, the cost & payment schedule, and address any other questions or requests that you have.
*Limit of one free call per person/business


  • In the calendar below, click on a day that works for you, and you'll see the available time slots. (Please book at least 2 calendar days in advance so that we can block out time.)
  • Click on a time, answer the basic questions that pop up next, and then click on the 'Schedule Event' button.
  • Then it'll say 'Confirmed - You are scheduled with Cameron Gray'. And that's it - you're booked!
  • You'll receive a confirmation email as soon as you book the call that contains the Zoom meeting link. (Be sure to add the event to your own personal calendar too.) Thanks for booking!

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  • What's the process like? First, book a free call above so that we can estimate cost, scheduling, & your overall website needs (plus answer any questions that you might have.) Then you'll get 2 emails; one with a link to pay your deposit & a link to fill out the brand questionnaire, and one to electronically sign the website project contract. Then, Team Evergray will go through your questionnaire answers, your products/services, your current website if you have one, & your social media platforms to gather info to understand the lay of your land. Next, we'll have our kick-off call, and Team Evergray will get to work! Throughout the week, we'll be communicating daily, since one week is not a long time to get a whole website done. We can communicate via email or video call, depending on the topic & your preference. From there, we work together to ensure that you're happy with the deliverables as they get created.

  • How much creative input do Evergray clients get? As much or as little as you want! This is a completely custom experience that you're welcome to lead or fall back to our expertise on.

  • What's the cost? Websites typically run between $2,500 and $5,000, depending on the type of build that you want to do. This flat rate covers all front-end design & back-end setup, web & content strategy, SEO optimization, social media integration, video tutorials that you can use at a later date to make updates, setting up plugins/integrations, optimizing for phone, and every single landing page, graphic, paragraph, template/theme, custom fonts, and video throughout your site. And just to be clear in case anything was missed - this flat rate covers every single website-related thing that you need during this overhaul. (And even free emergency help after the website is finished.)

  • Do I have to pay it all at once? No, there will be an option to pay in installments, because flexibility is a part of our ethos. But in all cases, a deposit must be made before Evergray starts creating. We accept every form of payment - credit card, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, check, money order, etc.

  • Does my website have to be built on a certain platform like Wordpress or Squarespace? Nope! We can easily work in literally any website builder known to humanity. We have preferred builders, but will work with whatever you already have or want.

  • What if my website takes longer than a week? On occasion, there may be back-end issues that take a few more days longer than we hope for. If that's the case - no worries - Team Evergray has your back & will get the job done in full.

  • What if I need more help with the backend stuff like transferring domains, fixing a funky payment gateway, editing HTML codes, getting an SSL certificate, and a bunch of other terminology that sounds intimidating? Have no fear! Cameron, who will be heavily involved, (possibly the only person involved), has been designing websites for 10 years & can help with it all. It's easy to say 'She's seen it all!', but the reality is that technology is ever-changing. Whatever the hurdle, Evergray will jump it. If not, you'll get a full refund on your Website Week. (By the way, we've never had to issue a refund on a website, because every problem gets solved.)

  • What if I need a web designer's help sometime after my Website Week is over? Past clients are always welcome to email or call to get some quick, emergency help. If it needs a more complicated or time-consuming fix, past clients can contract Team Evergray on an hourly basis. (If you're not a past client, it all depends on the availability of Team Evergray.)

  • What if I just need a few website updates instead of the whole package? Depending on availability, you may be able to hire Team Evergray on an hourly basis to make the few changes that you need. Book a call above to learn more.

Have more questions? Get on a call & get some answers!

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