Are you ready to round out that creative skill set with actionable, fun workshops? Wine, Workshops, & Weirdos: The Live Webinar Series for Artists is for ambitious creative people who want to further their art career & take it to the next level

Super ACTIONABLE Workshops Made Just for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs! 

This live webinar series will provide everything from extremely useful and inspiring workshops, to fun evenings with some creative weirdos - all in the name of furthering your art career!

  • Topics will include techniques to keep you sharp, ever-evolving, and at the top of your creative game
  • Freebies and giveaways come with each webinar - visual, downloadable PDF guides, workbooks, spreadsheets, quizzes, and various other resources that will keep you excited and engaged
  • Philosophy without action is for the birds - you can get opinions anywhere - these webinars are 100% actionable

The next webinar kicks off in:

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the reasoning  behind the 8 imagination by-products theory,  and how to utilize each of your by-products

Check out Episode 1:

Meet your hosts:

  • Cameron Gray, (a digital artist that studied business and founded
  • Mel Bikowski, (a fine artist over at and soul sister/partner of Evergray)
  • And various other creative experts 
Cameron Gray & Mel Bikowski