Are you ready to round out that creative skill set with actionable, fun workshops? Wine, Workshops, & Weirdos: The Live Webinar Series for Artists is for ambitious creative people who want to further their art career & take it to the next level

Super ACTIONABLE Workshops Made Just for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs! 

This bi-monthly live webinar series will provide everything from extremely useful and inspiring workshops, to fun evenings with some creative weirdos - all in the name of furthering your art career!

  • Topics will include techniques to keep you sharp, ever-evolving, and at the top of your creative game
  • Freebies and giveaways come with each webinar - visual, downloadable PDF guides, workbooks, spreadsheets, quizzes, and various other resources that will keep you excited and engaged
  • Philosophy without action is for the birds - you can get opinions anywhere - these webinars are 100% actionable

The next webinar kicks off in:

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Decluttering your Project Plans & Workspace for  Laser-Like Focus


  • The Creative Projects Spreadsheet to narrow down & organize your creative projects over the next 30 days
  • The Decluttering Your Workspace Checklist to clear out your digital, physical, & energetic spaces
  • Guidance to walk you through all of this decluttering
  • The focus to get 4 of your most important creative projects done by this time next month  

Check out Episode 1:

Meet your hosts:

  • Cameron Gray, (a digital artist that studied business and founded
  • Mel Bikowski, (a fine artist over at and soul sister/partner of Evergray)
  • And various other creative experts 
Cameron Gray & Mel Bikowski