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The entire point of this here media company is to help ambitious artists and creative entrepreneurs take over the world through both creativity AND business cultivation 

Evergray aids in this artistic world takeover by offering creative consulting & making digital assets like courses (both free and paid), live webinar workshops, articles, brand new theories, and various PDF resources like quizzes, checklists, spreadsheets, & workbooks. 

So there’s TWO people in the above photo - Cameron Gray (me, the founder of Evergray!), and Mel Bikowski, a fine artist with a degree in technical writing and psychology. I'm a digital artist with some mild to moderate anxiety and a degree in business. I've got a weird thing for art, and am known for talking about my years in Italy. Mel runs MelBikowski.com, and is a soul sister and a partner of Evergray.

We've teamed up because we have a lot in common: we both have a propensity for being way too intense, we both love us some glitter, and we both are extremely open to the existence of mermaids. Most importantly - we have the same mission: creativity cultivation!  

I want to know what these two are currently up to
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Work With Evergray

There's lots of ways to work with us: Evergray's signature eCourses, consulting with Cameron, or content collaboration!

Way # 2: Utilize Consulting Services

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  • Social Media Content Creation, Distribution, & Management
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Way # 3: Collaborate

Collaborations are always welcome! It seriously brightens my day to see a collaboration request/pitch. Together, we can do so much more. Email me over at:


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