Implement tried and proven techniques to

Grow Your Blog

What you get:

  • A 30 minute, 1-on-1 strategy call with Cameron, Evergray's founder and blog strategist
  • A custom, visual blog growth plan
  • 10 - 15 custom, high-performing blog graphics
  • Blog post editing for 10 - 15 posts
  • SEO optimization of 10 - 15 posts
  • Pinterest funnel setup
  • An overview packet on best, modern-day blog practice

Cost: $597

Book your call here:


What's the process like? After purchasing on this page, stay and schedule your strategy call above. You'll also get an email, containing a questionnaire, which you'll fill out and send back to me so that I can gather information on your blog/entire business and start creating your plan. By then, we'll have our call, (it'll be with me, Cameron - Evergray's founder and srategist), and we'll fine tune your plan. Then Team Evergray will get to work! As new pieces are completed, you'll be involved in the process and be able to make adjustments so that you're happy with each piece. You'll also be setup in Pinterest if you're not already, as well as the Pinterest scheduling tool, Tailwind. By the end of the process, you should be able to take over almost (if not all) blog duties! (Unless of course, you don't have time, and you'd prefer to outsource. Evergray offers hourly blog management services via email request to, if that's your case.)

Are there any additional costs? Tailwind, Pinterest's approved scheduling tool is the software that I highly recommend to free up dozens of weekly hours that you would otherwise be spending scheduling pins for your blog posts. Tailwind is $15/month, and will 100% be worth the monthly investment if you're serious about growing your blog. 

How long does the whole process usually take? Depending on how many adjustments need to be made, the whole process should take about 2 - 4 weeks. 

What if I have more than 10 blog posts that need editing, graphics, and SEO optimization? You could always hire Evergray on an hourly basis for any type of blog management services via email request to

What if it's not in the budget to take care of everything included in the package? Your best bet then is to go with a different Evergray option - the strategy call. You can book and schedule the call over on the strategy call page, and then respond to the welcome email that you get after purchasing explaining that you're interested in blog strategy. Our strategy call will based around your blog, and then you'll receive a visual action plan that you can follow to carry out the steps to grow your blog yourself. 

Are you more a DIY'er, but still interested in growing your blog?

You have another option if you want to DIY your blog versus getting the 'Grow Your Blog' package - the strategy call, which you can learn about via this link. It's a less expensive alternative to the 'Grow Your Blog' package because you'll be doing lots of the legwork. During the strategy call, Cameron, Evergray's founder and strategist, will come up with a step-by-step action plan for you to follow on your own time